Pay and Increases

Several factors may influence your rate of pay. Some of the items Launch considers are the nature and scope of your job, what other employers pay their employees for comparable jobs (external equity), what Launch pays their employees in comparable positions (internal equity), and individual as well as Launch performance. For teachers and other instructional staff, Launch utilizes a Salary Matrix that will be kept in the employees’ personnel files. It is Launch’s goal to have a current Job Description on hand that broadly defines your job responsibilities.

Each employee’s hourly wage or annual salary will be reviewed at least once each year. The employee’s review date will usually be conducted on or about the end of the school or fiscal year. Such reviews may be conducted more frequently for a newly created position, or based on a recent promotion.

Increases will be determined on the basis of performance, adherence to company policies and procedures, and ability to meet or exceed duties per job description and achieve performance goals. For teachers and other instructional staff, increases will also be based on the Salary Matrix.

When applicable, changes to the amount of an employee’s wage or salary will become effective on the first regular pay period following the change. Employees will be notified if they should expect a change in pay.