Outside Employment

Full-time employees are hired and continue in Launch’s employ with the understanding that Launch is their primary employer and that other employment, commercial involvement or volunteer activity which is in conflict with the business interests of Launch is strictly prohibited.

If you are a full time employee we expect you to devote your full professional effort to your position at Launch. If you wish to participate in outside employment you are required to obtain written approval from the Principal or Executive Director prior to starting. A request will only be denied if it conflicts with Launch’s interests.

In general, outside work activities are not allowed when they:

  • Prevent you from fully performing work for which you are employed at Launch
  • Involve organizations doing business or seek to do business with Launch, including actual or potential vendors
  • Violate provisions of law or Launch’s policies or rules.

In cases of conflict with any outside activity, your obligations to Launch must be given priority. Launch office space, equipment, and materials are not to be used for outside employment.