Open Communications Policy

We want to hear from you. We truly believe our greatest strength lies in our employees and our ability to work together and, we encourage employees to engage in open communications about all aspects of our organization. Employees should feel comfortable talking to their supervisor about any problems or suggestions so appropriate action may be taken. If the supervisor cannot be of assistance, the Executive Director is available for consultation and guidance. Launch is interested in all of our employees’ success and happiness and wishes to promote employee participation in decisions affecting them and their daily professional responsibilities. We, therefore, welcome the opportunity to help employees whenever feasible.

Complaint Resolution

In keeping with the open communications policy, employees are encouraged to freely discuss problems and complaints with their supervisors so that appropriate action may be taken. However, if an employee has a complaint that involves his or her supervisor, the Executive Director should be contacted. If the Executive Director cannot be of assistance or if the complaint involves the Executive Director, the employee may contact the Chairman of our Board of Trustees.

Every effort will be made to resolve the complaint as best as possible and within a reasonable period of time while preserving the confidentiality and privacy of those involved.

Employees should not assume the school or any other employee is aware of a complaint if it is not reported in a timely manner under the guidelines of this policy.