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The success of Launch depends upon the quality of the relationships between Launch, its employees, students, parents and the general public. Launch employees are ambassadors, and the public’s impression of Launch and its interest in Launch will be formed, in part, by Launch employees.

The more goodwill an employee promotes the more the Launch community and the general public will respect and appreciate that employee, Launch, and Launch services. Below are several things employees can do to help leave people with a good impression of Launch.

  • Communicate with parents regularly
  • Act competently and deal with others in a courteous and respectful manner
  • Communicate respectfully with other employees at all times
  • Follow up on requests and questions promptly, provide businesslike replies to inquiries and requests, and perform all duties in an orderly manner
  • Respond to e-mail and voice mail within 24 hours during the workweek
  • Take great pride in your work and enjoy doing your best