Launch is required to maintain accurate time records for employees. Accurately recording time worked is the responsibility of every employee. All employees are required to sign in at the beginning of their scheduled work day. Failure to properly record time may result in an incorrect paycheck. In addition, this will be discussed during the performance review process.

Non-Exempt Employees: Time worked is the time actually spent on a job(s) performing assigned duties. Launch does not pay for extended breaks or time spent on personal matters. Typically, a nonexempt employee is expected to complete their work day at 4:30pm. Please refer to our Overtime policy for additional information on approval of overtime and payment for such hours.

Any changes to an employee’s time record must be approved by his/her supervisor.

Exempt Employees: Exempt employees are responsible for following the school procedure for signing in. Although not eligible for overtime compensation, Launch expects exempt employees to stay until their work duties or assigned project has been completed. Falsification of timekeeping records may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination.

Questions regarding the timekeeping system or time cards should be directed to the Director of Operations or the Director of Finance.