Launch permits the employment of qualified relatives of employees, of the employee's household or immediate family as long as such employment does not, in the opinion of Launch, create actual conflicts of interest. For purposes of this policy, "qualified relative" is defined as a spouse, child, parent, sibling, grandparent, grandchild, aunt, uncle, first cousin, corresponding in-law, "step" relation, or any member of the employee's household. Launch will use sound judgment in the placement of related employees in accordance with the following guidelines:

Individuals who are related by blood, marriage, or reside in the same household are permitted to work in the same department, provided no direct reporting or supervisor to subordinate relationship exists. No employee is permitted to work within "the chain of command" when one relative's work responsibilities, salary, hours, career progress, benefits, or other terms and conditions of employment could be influenced by the other relative.

Related employees may have no influence over the wages, hours, benefits, career progress and other terms and conditions of the other related staff members.

Employees who marry while employed, or become part of the same household are treated in accordance with these guidelines. That is if, in the opinion of Launch, a conflict arises as a result of the relationship, one of the employees may be transferred at the earliest practicable time.

Any exceptions to this policy must be approved by the Executive Director.