Personnel Files

Launch maintains records pertaining to each employee’s employment at Launch and these records, collectively, are referred to as the employee’s “personnel file.” All of the following things are filed in an employee’s personnel file: job application, job description, résumé, signed offer letter, payroll forms, records of participation in training events, salary history, records of disciplinary action and documents related to employee performance reviews, coaching, and mentoring. An employee’s personnel file documents will be stored either in paper form or electronically in the school’s main office, in the school’s computer files or in the TriNet HR Passport system.

Personnel files are the property of Launch and access to one’s own file is permitted with reasonable advance notice. Management personnel of Launch who have a legitimate reason to review an employee’s file are allowed to do so.

Current and Active employees who wish to review their own file should contact the Director of Finance. Launch does not grant personnel file access to terminated employees.