Work Product Ownership

Please be aware that Launch retains legal ownership of the product of your work. No work product created for Launch while employed by Launch can be claimed, construed, or presented as property of the individual, even after employment by Launch has been terminated or the relevant project completed, without the express written consent of Launch. This includes written and electronic documents, audio and video recordings, system code, and also any concepts, ideas, or other intellectual property developed for Launch, regardless of whether the intellectual property is actually used by Launch. Although it is acceptable for you to display and/or discuss a portion or the whole of certain work products in certain situations (e.g. on a resume), please bear in mind that information classified as confidential must remain so even after the end of employment, and that supplying certain other entities with certain types of information may constitute a conflict of interest. In any event, it must always be made clear that work products are the sole and exclusive property of Launch. The school will take appropriate action for employees who violate this policy up to an including termination.