This Launch Additional Policies Manual is designed to provide you with information about the personnel policies and procedures for Launch Expeditionary Learning Charter School, which are applicable to your employment with Launch, in addition to the TriNet Employee Handbook located in HR Passport>Myself>My Company> Employee Handbook.

Launch has a co-employment relationship with Trinet, a professional Employer Organization. In this co-employment relationship, Trinet is the employer of record for payroll, benefits and some other HR related functions.

The Handbook and Additional Policies Manual replace any and all previously issued personnel policies and memoranda, and supersedes any inconsistent verbal or written descriptions of the Launch personnel policies. These documents apply to all staff members, though some items may apply only to specific categories of staff members, as indicated.

The policies set forth herein are guidelines and are not contractual in nature. Launch reserves the right, in its sole discretion to interpret the provisions and to modify, add to, or discontinue any of the provisions of this manual, with or without prior notice to staff members.

This manual describes many of your responsibilities as an employee and outlines the programs developed by Launch to benefit our school community. Launch is built on its people, and we rely on you to consistently deliver the highest quality work possible. In turn, our objective is to provide an environment that is conducive to both personal and professional growth.

No manual can anticipate every circumstance or question about personnel policies. We will address situations as we become aware of them, and we expect and encourage you to bring to our attention any employment issues that need to be addressed. Please feel free to speak to staff about any questions, comments, or concerns you have about your employment.

Mission Statement

Launch's mission is to prepare students in under-resourced communities to thrive in college and careers by providing a public education rooted in active learning experiences and powerful character development.