Criminal History and Educational History

As a condition of their employment, all employees are required to undergo a criminal history review, through the New York State Education Department. The criminal history review shall include a fingerprint check and simultaneous FBI check. Criminal history reviews will be conducted after an offer has been made. Depending on the conditions of the crime, an offer may be retracted in compliance of federal, state law and Launch policies. No person employed or otherwise associated with Launch Expeditionary Learning Charter School, including members of the Board of Trustees, who has been convicted of or has pleaded nolo contendere to a crime related to misappropriation of funds or theft shall be engaged in direct processing of charter school funds.

Employees are asked to notify the school if they are arrested at any time during their employment with Launch. Per the NYS Department of Education, the Office of School Personnel Review and Accountability (OSPRA) is obligated to notify the school of an employee’s arrest. Should the school be notified of such arrest, we will inform the employee and begin a full review of the arrest as it relates to the employee’s position with the school. Employment actions as a result are at the discretion of the Executive Director or the Principal.

Employees are required to provide official transcripts or submit to an educational verification search to verify units earned/degree received or in-service hours. These requirements must be completed prior to beginning employment, and the information must be submitted to the Director of Operations. To the extent permitted by law, Launch may require that these costs be borne by the employee. Individuals whose educational background differs from that of the job description will not be considered for employment.