The management of Launch is committed to providing the resources and manpower necessary to develop, implement, and administer a safety program for the protection of its employees. All management personnel and employees are expected to meet their responsibilities to make the safety program effective and productive. Periodic reviews of our safety program will be conducted by management to maintain its effectiveness.

All accidents, injuries, potential safety hazards, safety suggestions and health and safety related issues must be reported immediately to your supervisor, Principal, or Director of Operations. If you or another employee is injured, you should contact outside emergency response agencies, if needed. If an injury does not require medical attention, an Incident Report must still be completed in case medical treatment is later needed and to insure that any existing safety hazards are corrected. The Employee's Claim for Worker's Compensation Benefits Form must be completed in all cases in which an injury requiring medical attention has occurred.

Safety Rules

  1. No smoking on school property.
  2. Horseplay and fighting will not be tolerated in the workplace.
  3. Possession of unauthorized firearms, alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs, or unauthorized medically prescribed drugs will not be tolerated in the workplace. Inform your immediate supervisor if you are required to take medication during work hours. Written medical evidence stating that the medication will not adversely affect your decision making or physical ability may be required, particularly if you drive a vehicle on company business.
  4. Report all work related injuries to your supervisor immediately.
  5. Immediately report accidents, near accidents, and property damage to your supervisor regardless of severity.
  6. Use required personal protective equipment (PPE) and/or safety procedures to protect you from potential hazards that cannot be eliminated. Maintain your PPE in good condition.
  7. Operate equipment only if you are trained and authorized.
  8. If you do not understand your job assignment, ask your supervisor for help.
  9. Inspect your workstation for potential hazards and ensure that the equipment is in safe operating condition before using it.
  10. Immediately report any unsafe condition or act to your supervisor. Take any temporary corrective action you can to render the area safe until permanent corrections can be made.
  11. If your work creates a potential hazard, correct the hazard immediately or use safety tape to isolate the area before leaving it unattended.
  12. If there is any doubt concerning the safety work method to be used, consult your supervisor before beginning the work.
  13. Follow recommended work procedures outlined for the job including safe work methods.
  14. Maintain an orderly environment. Store all equipment in a designated place. Put scrap and waste material in a refuse container.
  15. Report any smoke, fire, or unusual odors to your supervisor.
  16. Use proper lifting techniques. For objects exceeding 50 pounds in weight, ask your supervisor for specific methods for safe lifting.
  17. Never attempt to catch a falling object.
  18. Comply with all state and local traffic laws, signs, signals, markers, and persons designated to direct traffic. Fasten seat belts before driving any motor vehicle.
  19. Know and follow departmental rules regarding first aid, emergency procedures, evacuation routes, and fire department notification.
  20. Assist and cooperate with all safety investigations and inspections and assist in implementing safety procedures as requested.

Employees who do not comply with these safety rules may be subject to disciplinary action and may be considered undesirable for continued employment with Launch.