Social Networking

Use of social networking websites (such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Flickr, etc.) is a growing trend among individuals of all ages. Employees are expected to act professionally when engaging in social networking and follow the guidelines below:

  • Exercise appropriate discretion when engaging in social media activities for personal communications (friends, colleagues, parents, former students, etc.) with the knowledge that adult behavior on social networks may be used as a model by our students.
  • Do not initiate or accept social network friend requests with current students or former students under the age of 18. Use professional discretion when “friending” alumni 18 and over.
  • Do not initiate or accept social network friend requests from parents or other family members of current students on your personal sites.
  • Exercise care with privacy settings and profile content. Content should be placed thoughtfully and periodically reviewed. In addition, know that privacy settings can be changed at any time to limit access to profiles and searchability to content, and changes should be made accordingly.
  • Recognize that many former students have online connections with current students, and that information shared between school adults and former students is likely to be seen by current students as well.
  • Understand that you should not be engaging in social networking activity during work hours. Please limit this activity to your off hours.

The content of personal social media activities may not contain: a) any reference to confidential or privileged information or activities of our students or their families, whether by name or implication;
b) photos of students;
c) any reference to confidential School information;
d) any reference to School faculty, staff or students, whether by name or implication, that would in any manner defame such faculty, staff or student;
e) any material that is obscene, defamatory, threatening, harassing, or abusive to any person or entity associated with the School.

The School's policy does not prohibit lawfully protected communications regarding an employee's off duty political, recreational or other legally protected activities.