Welcome to the Launch team! We are thrilled you have decided to join us in helping to build a truly special school for students living in Bed-Stuy and Crown Heights and surrounding communities. Launch Expeditionary Learning Charter School began as an idea in the spring of 2009. We opened our doors at 1580 Dean Street on August 22, 2012 with 20 employees, and we have grown to a staff over 50 with plans to grow much more. We are all here because we have made a promise to our students and their families that we will provide a world-class education for their children.

In fulfilling this promise, Launch understands that the most critical lever in helping our students succeed is the people we hire. In other words, you! We are members of a professional community that believes deeply that we can positively affect the lives of children. But we know that we can only do this when we work together to build a culture that highly values, respects and cares for one another, from the classroom all the way up to the boardroom.

The policies and procedures contained within the TriNet Employee Handbook and this Launch Additional HR Policies Manual are important. Even though we highly value the relationships built amongst staff, students and families, we also know that people will eventually leave Launch. We must be transparent as an institution by detailing policies, procedures and expectations that live beyond any one staff member and allow for the continued safe and productive functioning of the school for years and years to come. While we know that these two written documents can never contain or reflect all that goes into making Launch what it is. We ask that you apply to the following pages all that is contained in our Mission Statement and the spirit of our work together: we are here to ensure that our students succeed. We cannot wait to begin this important work with you.

Let’s go.

Geoffrey Roehm
Executive Director