Launch teachers are concerned for the welfare of students and take measures to ensure their welfare. Nevertheless, it is well to be aware of the possible consequences of negligence.

A teacher is legally responsible to act in a reasonable and prudent manner at all times. Specifically the teacher must do the following:

  • Take accurate, timely attendance records according to school protocols, and follow-up with office staff regarding students missing from class who are not marked absent.
  • Ensure that no student leaves the room without authorization.
  • Never leave students unsupervised. Leaving a classroom without another responsible adult present is leaving students unsupervised.
  • Require students to conduct themselves in an orderly, safe manner and administer such disciplinary actions as are reasonable and proper in any situation involving student misconduct.
  • Report any unsafe condition in the room or on campus to the principal so that it may be corrected.
  • Strictly adhere to all stated policies of the school.

Failure by teachers to meet their responsibilities may have severe consequences, e.g., revocation of their license, criminal charges, etc… Additionally teachers may be held legally liable for negligence in the performances of their duties.